Ateliers de la Maison des Savoir-Faire

The maison des Savoir Faires is an association aimed displaying and transmitting savoir-faires. Numerous savoir-faires are are present such as: working with wood: baskets, small furniture, wood sculptures, buffadous, walking sticks,.. - working with cotton: embroidery, doilies, crochets,... working straw and brambles: mats... and many other in iron, stone, painting, gastronomy... come and admire, understand and why not learn local savoir-faires.

Place : Campagnac

From 03 novembre 2018 to 25 march 2019

Halte jeux RAM

Place : Laissac-Séverac-l'Eglise

From 01 january 2019 to 31 july 2019, On 19 february 2019, On 26 february 2019, On 05 march 2019, On 12 march 2019, On 19 march 2019, On 26 march 2019, On 02 april 2019, On 09 april 2019, On 16 april 2019, On 23 april 2019, On 30 april 2019

Cinéma : Yao

Place : St-Affrique

On 20 february 2019, On 21 february 2019, On 22 february 2019, On 23 february 2019, From 24 february 2019 to 25 february 2019, On 26 february 2019

Marché de plein air

The market is held every Saturday morning on the boulevard Victor Hugo and in the Town Hall square. The Fair takes place the on second Saturday of each month and extends to the boulevard Charles De Gaulle and the Foch square. A small market is held every Thursday morning in the Town Hall square.

Place : St-Affrique

From 01 january 2019 to 31 december 2019

Stade Rodez Aveyron Rugby

Saison 2018/2019

Equipe Sénior Masculine en Championnat Fédérale 2

Dimanche 2 Septembre SRA / BLAGNAC

Dimanche 16 Septembre SRA / NIMES

Dimanche 7 Octobre SRA / St SULPICE

Dimanche 4 Novembre SRA / GRAULHET

Dimanche 18 Novembre SRA / CERET

Dimanche 6 Janvier SRA / CASTANET

Dimanche 27 Janvier SRA / ROVAL DROME

Dimanche 17 Février SRA / FLEURANCE

Dimanche 24 Mars SRA / NARBONNE

Dimanche 21 Avril SRA / AUBENAS

Place : Rodez

On 24 march 2019, On 21 april 2019

Stages d'équitation éthologique

Holding a BPJEPS in Equestrian Tourism and a BFEE level 2 in Ethological Equitation, the talented Anaïs Champarnaud who runs the ACE Paint Horse Equestrian Centre in Mirepoix (09) and who is also a Paint Horse breeder comes here to the Vispens equestrian farm to share her working methods. For many years, she studied with Elisabeth de Corbigny (John Lyons’ method in the USA) and was later her assistant before setting up to further develop this outstanding working method.

Place : St-Affrique

From 02 march 2019 to 03 march 2019

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Soirées Jeux

Enjoy a night game with: giant games, wooden games, strategy and logical thinking games, ice breaking games for everyone. This night will be entertained by the Ministry of Playful Affairs! Expect to have a good time with great fits of laughter!

Place : St-Félix-de-Sorgues

On 07 march 2019, On 04 april 2019

Arts et livre, Ciné-Club : PARIS PIEDS NUS

Fiona, a Canadian librarian arrives in Paris to help her elderly aunt in dire straits. Unfortunately, Fiona gets lost and Aunt Martha has disappeared. That’s how the chase throughout Paris starts and in which Dom a selfish, homeless, seductive and clingy person takes part.

Place : St-Affrique

On 11 march 2019

Théâtre : EnCorps

This show is part of the Cultural Season of St-Affrique. Object and shadow theatre performed by the “En votre Compagnie” Troupe

Place : St-Affrique

On 16 march 2019

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Stage de Mountain Trail

The Vispens equestrian farm invites you to take part in a Mountain Trail training course so that you are able to discover this amazing sporting discipline and its rules. Several workshops in hand and mounted will be available to achieve a true partnership between horse and rider.

Place : St-Affrique

On 17 march 2019